About the Woman in the Middle

Hello! My name is Kim and I am a woman, living smack dab in the middle of life. I live with my husband and my two daughters in the brand new city of Jurupa Valley, the newest city in California. Both of my daughters are in college, one lives at home and one lives about 40 minutes away during the school year on her college campus. I was laid off earlier this year for the second time in two years from a local government job. As a woman smack in the middle of life, I decided that it was time to get off the hired/laid off carousel and do something else with my life. That will be just one of the many things I will talk about in Woman in the Middle.


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21 01 2013

I love your positive attitude. Best wishes to you as you forge a new path in the highway of life. Thanks for visiting my blog.

5 10 2012

thanks for the like on my blog! Is your city, by any chance, built out of Legos? That would be cool.

6 10 2012
Woman in the Middle

Oh, I wish! Wouldn’t that be fun??? So colorful! But, unfortunately, no! Just the displays I saw at Downtown Disney!

31 03 2012
Leanne Shirtliffe

You’ve been search bombed! Check your March 31 stats…

Leanne (a.k.a. Ironic Mom)

6 04 2012
Leanne Shirtliffe

Okay. I re-search bombed you. Properly this time. Check your stats today. They’ll be there. 🙂

29 01 2012

Hello there, I’m visiting from Kitthere’s blog where we were both nominated for a blog award. I look forward to hearing more about you as your blog unfolds in the coming months.

29 01 2012
Woman in the Middle

Thanks so much! I look forward to enjoying your blog as well! And Congratualations!

28 01 2012

I have mentioned you and your blog in this post.
Details about the awards can be found within my post by clicking on the names of each award.

28 01 2012
A Trio of Blog Awards to Pass Out | KittyHere or There, Anywhere

[…] 1.  Kim of Woman in the Middle […]

24 12 2011
Larry McCauley

Hello, a little word about Bath, England. Its actually a world heritage city, One of its striking features is that it was all built in the same neo-classical Georgian style in the honey-coloured local stone, often called sandstone, but which is in act Oolite. Bath was a city built on wool (Broad Street was called that as broad swathes of red cloth (for the military) used to be swathed across the street, gambling and riband living, and property speculation. Even today you find odd little lanes with street names and no buildings. This is because the investors went bust before they could build houses on the street!

The best time to view bath is around dawn on a Summers day, walking down from St Stephens to the Royal Crescent and thence into the Centre itself. The eomansarly morning sun on those honey coloured buildings is absolutely gorgeous.

As a spa town, Bath has a history stretching back to the Romans, the archeology of whom is remarkably well preserved and laid out. It is expensive to do the Roman tour, as much of it lays underground (which was once ground level). However when you pass by the front of a Roman temple to Minerva in an underground setting, you will have a memory that will last your whole life.

Jane Austin knew Bath well, and the period details throughout the locale are stunning reminders of that age. Tiny little buildings with room for one chair in them right next to the road were there to keep pallaquin bearers dry in between jobs!

And quiet street used to have wooden cobbles as not to disturb the patients in the adjacent hospital.

I had the pleasure of residing in Bath for a while, and have no hesitation about recommending it to others as a place to visit.

21 12 2011
Linda Ladner

Kim- got your family newsletter yesterday and thus found your blog. I love your style of writing and wit, so I will be signing up. All is well in Tennessee.

31 12 2011
Woman in the Middle

Hey! I am glad you like the blog and glad to hear all is good in your part of the world!

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