To Linda, Matthew, and Steve

6 10 2011

When we moved in 2010 we could not keep the phone number we had had for 22 years because, as the phone company explained to me, we were crossing from one land line switching station to another and phone numbers could not move between switching stations.  We had no choice but to get a new number. The problem is land line phone numbers are rarely new. Someone else had them  previously and their name and that phone number are permanently linked in many computer files out there in the world, particularly credit files.

Well, I think I know why Linda, Matthew, and Steve changed phone numbers. We have been called over and over again concerning their credit problems. Sometimes I answer, just so I can tell the folks on the other end of the line that these people no longer have this phone number. One such person kindly explained to me that bad debt gets sold. So even though she will mark the phone number in the file as “bad”, when the debt gets sold to a new collection company they will start calling our number again.

I have thought about getting a new number, but everyone already knows it and it is a REALLY easy number to remember. I had it memorized the first day! As a woman in the middle, this is very important. Besides, the new number might come with as much bad debt as this one. You can’t ask the phone company about the credit history of the phone number they are offering.  So to Linda, Matthew, and Steve, I will keep telling the credit agencies that you all are no longer at this number and I wish you good luck with that credit problem!




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