Enjoying the seasons in Southern California

5 10 2011

Today is October 5th. It is raining. It has been raining all day. Isn’t this supposed to be our dry season? Isn’t this the time of year when Santa Ana winds blow and fire rages across the landscape?  WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE? Two days ago I was wearing a tank top and flip-flops. Today I was forced to put on socks and closed toed shoes! I really do like cool weather. I just don’t like this crazy lack of transition between seasons.

My younger daughter got stuck with the smaller bedroom and its accompanying smaller closet when we moved into the new house. She asked one day about rotating her clothes into and out of the closet depending on the season. I laughed. It was a brilliant idea that you read about in magazines and see on shows featuring Martha Stewart.   It might even work if you live someplace that doesn’t go from summer to winter in two days. And you know it is gong to get hot again before October is over! Just like we all know that there will be a hot spell in January. So, I told my daughter that the idea of rotating seasonal wardrobes needs to go in the same file as wrapping your garden statuary with tarps in the winter to protect it from the snow. Lovely idea, just not for inland Southern California.

By the way, the title to this post is supposed to be sarcastic. The rain is preventing me from coming up with a better title. Oh, one more thing. We lived in our old house for 22 years. The house we live in now is going to be the “new house” for a very long time!




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