Beige Paint

4 10 2011

How hard can it be to pick beige paint??? Is is just beige, after all, that most boring and neutral of all colors! But no! It can be pink beige, grey beige, green beige, or yellow beige!!!! I practically camped out at the Dunn Edwards store the other day, determined to get it right this time. I bought a piece of foam core and I am painting it with the chosen beige colors so I can see what they look like in various places in my living room. I highly recommend this method as it saves you from having paint splotches on the wall while you chose your new color.

So, the first “perfect” beige I picked out turned white in the livingroom. The next one looked pink. Ewww! Dunn Edwards lets you buy these small samplesof paint, by the way. The way I am going I could paint an entire room with just the samples.

So, why am I obsessing with this beige business? Well, I actually hired, for the first time in my life, someone to help me pull a room together. I want my living room to look like a magazine. There, I said it. Just that one room. Well, I made an error not consulting with Marie from the beginning as she pointed out first thing that my carpet is a gray toned beige and my couch is a yellow toned beige. Do you see a problem here? A BEIGE problem? So, I have to pick a paint that goes with both! And that I like. And that my hubby likes. Sigh.

Don’t despair that I have too much beige in my life! In my entry area, which is visible/sort of part of the living room, is a wall that had a shelf attached to it. Marie suggested I get rid of that and replace it with a piece of furniture. I found a great little cabinet at Kirkland’s Home that fits perfectly there. It is a lovely turquoise green color.  There is hope for me yet. I have included a photo below. Isn’t it pretty?




2 responses

12 12 2012

What color beige is on your wall with the cute blue dresser?
I’m using Dunn Edwards and having a really rough time picking which paint. I bought samples and did the foam core, but am not in love with the samples (;

12 12 2012
Woman in the Middle

It is Almond Latte. It is a nice toasty light brown and I still like it a year later! BTW, I am now posting at I really need to take down this blog as I don’t use it anymore. When I moved all of my old posts moved over with me.

Good luck picking a paint color. It was a nightmare! Thery were all either too yellow, two pink, or too dark. It was wonderful when we finally settled on one!

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